Pedometers for Shoes

Especially when you are walking, hiking or running and have little opportunities to attach a pedometer to your waistband or in your pocket a shoe lace pedometer is the right product to count your steps and measure your distance.

Shoe Lace pedometers are easy to attach, don’t bother you while walking or running and are cheap to buy. For those who lose their pedometers regularly a shoelace version might be the right option.

However there are not necessarily an item that you can wear all day long. Whereas a regular stepcounter can be invisibly placed in your pocket or on your waistband, a shoelace pedometer is not suitable for business attire. You should consider, that it is more a product for outdoor activities or for the gym.

We have found 2 products, that you can easily attach on your shoelaces that have received positive feedback from their users:


The Track4Life Pedometer has received great reviews from Amazon users, especially for its accuracy and light weight.

  • Daily steps taken
  • Distance
  • Calories burned
  • Very accurate
  • Water Resistant IPX5
  • 24 Month Guarantee


The Zuwit shoe lace pedometer has an Action Mode. That means it is able to records a specific activity period such as a hike or a run separately.

  • Daily steps taken
  • Distance
  • Calories burned
  • Action Mode
  • Various colors

I you happen to find more reliable shoe lace pedometers just contact us and we can add them to the list.