Top rated pedometers under 25 US$ in 2018

Accurate pedometers and stylish Fitness Tracker watches are not expensive anymore. You do not actually need a Fitbit or a Garmin for more than 100 USD if you just want to monitor your daily steps.

We have put together the top rated pedometers and Fitness bracelets from Amazon which all cost less than 25 USD. They all use accurate 3-D Sensor technology. That means you can just put them in your pocket, place them in your bag or even wear them around your neck.

Regardless of their position, they count the steps accurately. You will be amazed for how little money you can monitor your daily performance and become fitter.

Simple Pedometers for under 25 USD

3DFitBud with Lanyard

  • 3 D Sensor technology
  • Can be worn around the neck, placed in your pocket or in your bag
  • Just tracks the daily steps
  • Large and easy to read display.

OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer

  • 3 D Sensor technology
  • counts for Steps, Distance, Calories, MPH / KPH and Exercise Time
  • Easy to read large LCD display screen
  • Small adn easy to wear in a pocket or purse or clip on your waist, belt, ankle, shoe or bra.

3DTriSport Walking 3D

  • 3 D Sensor
  • Counts daily steps
  • calculates distance and burned calories
  • with clip and strap.

Fitness Bracelets for under 25 US$

But even fitness bracelets with a watch are available for under 25 USD. The Willful Bracelet and the iGank T5 don’t even need a Smartphone to be operated. The Y3G actually needs a Smartphone App in order to set it up initially, but from there on you can use it autonomously. The app for the YG3 lets you see your performance over time, whereas the others reset to 0 steps at midnight.

Willful Non-Bluetooth Pedometer BraceletiGank T5YG3
# daily stepsyesyesyes
Time and Dateyesyesyes
Calories burnedyesyesyes
Sleep monitoryesnoyes
Wristbandmedical TPU materialsiliconesilicone
BatteryBattery recharged by USB CabelBattery recharged by USB CabelBattery recharged by USB Cabel
Data StorageReset at the end of each day automaticallyReset at the end of each day automaticallydaily reset, data storage over time in VeryFitPro Apps

Thanks to the drop in prices for modern motion sensors simple pedometers and easy to use fitness bracelets are now available for way under 25 USD. If you just need the basic operations you don’t need to spend 100 bucks or more for fancy but complicated Smart bracelets or Watches.