CSX Non bluetooth Pedometers:Simple vs. Walking CD

The CSX (Competitive Sport Xtreme) pedometers are very accurate simple fitness trackers that can be worn on the belt, or put in the trouser pocket. The simple version even comes with a lanyard so you can hang it also around your neck. They are easy to use pedometers without bluetooth connection to the Smartphone that do not transfer and store data over the internet. They are just counting steps and a bit more…

Whereas the Simple Walking CD pedometers just counts the steps the more advanced 3D Walking also measures the activity time, calories burned and the distance.

With the simple CSX Simple 3 D Walking you need to manually reset the steps whereas the more advanced version stores the data for 7 days and automatically resets to the number of steps to 0 at midnight.

For this price range it also offers an unusual feature. You can set a daily goal and monitor your performance during the day with a progress bar. When the goal is reached, it beeps.

I have been using the more advanced version for over a year now. It does exactly what it should, nothing more and nothing less. You can confirm this by checking out the reviews on Amazon. 78% 5 or 4 stars review of a total of over 750 reviews.

The following information is measured:

  • Daily steps
  • Distance covered
  • Calorie consumption
  • Daily Progress.

The CSX pedometers are limited to the essentials but they fulfill these basic functions reliably. However, some users have problems attaching and loosening the belt clip.

CSX Simple Walking 3DCSX Walking 3D
# daily stepsyesyes
Aerobic Modenono
Calories burnednoyes
Data storageno7 days
WornPocket, around neckPocket, Clip