Fitness Bracelet YG3 Review

There are already quite a few fitness bracelets with bluetooth and their own App for under 30 US$ on the market. We tested the YG3 of 11TT which is an excellet player in this category.

This activity tracker bracelet can actually also be used without Bluetooth. However, you have to install the VeryFitPro App on your smartphone to initially set the tracker up.

Setting the Y3G up is very simple. When bluetooth is activated on your phone, the tracker is quickly found and connected. After that you only need to enter your year of birth, body size, weight and gender. You can either use the metric or imperial system.

On the basis of this information the step length and thus the daily distance as well as the calorie consumption are calculated. That means, the steps are actually counted with the integrated 3D sensor technology. The rest is basically calculated.

When using the Y3G fitness tracker, you can switch between the following information on the touch screen:

  • Time
  • Number of steps
  • Miles/Kilometers walked
  • Calories burned
  • Active minutes

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The information relates to the current day. At midnight everything is automatically reset to 0. The steps are counted very precisely. The tracker does not count until  35 consecutive steps have been taken. This is done in order to avoid counting sudden movements or bumps during a car ride as steps.

We have tested it: There also have no steps been added during a bicycle ride over a cobblestone street. The modern 3-D sensor technology makes such a precise step counting possible.

Once you have achieved your daily goal, the Fitness Tracker vibrates at your wrist. The only drawback: the display is difficult to read in sunlight.

If you use the fitness bracelet simply as a step counter one does not actually need the app any more. If you want to monitor your performance over time, the app gives you a nice overview.

Sleep behavior is also monitored and displayed over time. I have not tested it, because at night all my electronic devices are turned off and banned from my bedroom.

Another function is the event mode: When starting the event mode, the steps and additional measures are determined separately for this particular event. E.g. if you go for a hike you can measure the number of steps, the distance, and burned calories separately.

The YG3 Fitness Armband can be charged on any USB port. You can also plug it into the USB port on your laptop or use the plug of your mobile phone charger. You only need to remove bracelet on the side of the  “0” – mark.

VerifitPro App

The fitness tracker synchronizes automatically with the smartphone app: As soon as you activate Bluetooth on the smartphone, the tracker is recognized and the data is synchronized. It is important to activate Bluetooth on the smartphone first and then open the app. Then it works automatically.
On the app, the daily data as well as the data over time are nicely graphically displayed.


The Y3G Fitness Bracelet is a solid fitness tracker with a precise step counter, which also is a fashionable accessory and at a very low price.  Only the poorly readable display in sunlight is a minus in overall very good impression.
The tracker is available in the colors black, blue, turquoise, purple and pink.
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