Omron Alvita Pedometers

Unlike other electronic devices most pedometers don’t tend to be already obsolete just 6 months after their market introduction. One of the classics in the simple pedometer market is the Omron Alvita series which was originally introduced in 2012.

It comes in different versions. We focus on the HJ-321 which also measures calorie consumption and switches automatically to aerobic mode and the HJ-320 which is a more basic pedometer that only counts the steps and calculates the distance. However, there is hardly any difference in price, just about 2 Dollars.

Omron is a Japanese medical device manufacturer which was the pioneer in the classical step counters market back in the 1960s when the devices were still mechanical. With the Omron Walking Style series – one of the first electronic pedometers – in the 2000s they started the initiative of measuring your daily movements.

Both Alvita models come in the same housing. They both use progressive three-dimensional sensor technology. A belt clip is included to ensure that the lightweight device (17 g) is not lost.

Thanks to 3-D sensor technology, no matter whether you wear it on your belt or in your pocket, it is extremely accurate in capturing the steps and is very easy to use, even for children and seniors. The data is stored on the device for 7 days.

This product range is suitable for beginners. If you just want to measure steps and distance you are good to go with the HJ-320. If you also want to determine your calorie consumption while running you better order the HJ-321 which is just 2 bucks more.

However, these entry-level devices can not be connected to a PC and cannot be connected to your smartphone for further performance analysis. The data is just stored for 7 days on the device.

They are basic, easy to use, economic and very accurate!

Battery: 3 V lithium battery type CR2032
Weight incl. Battery: approx. 17 g
Dimensions: 3.1 cm * 7.5 cm * 0.8 cm

Comparison with other Omron Alvita Models:

Omron HJ-320Omron Alvita Optimized HJ-321Omron Alvita HJ-325Omron Alvita HJ-323U
# daily stepsyesyesyesyes
Aerobic Modenoyesyesyes
Calories burnednoyesyesyes
Data storage7 days7 days7 days22 days, USB 2.0 interface which allows transfer of data to your free
WornPocket, ClipPocket, ClipPocket, optional safety leashPocket, optional safety leash