Which simple Fitness Tracker should I buy? Buyers’ Guide 2021

Simple Fitness Trackers and Pedometers have become a popular electronic gadget that helps millions of people to monitor their daily activity.

Health experts have been recommending for decades that in order to stay healthy, you should aim to take 10,000 steps per day. The 10,000 steps per day rule goes back to Japanese Walking Clubs in the 1960s.

With the availability of cheap sensors in the early 2010s, electronic pedometers replaced mechanical step counters. Then companies like Fitbit, Garmin, Polar or Misfit brought pedometers up to the next level. They introduced Activity Trackers on the market that not only measure your steps, but also monitor your pulse, your sleeping patterns and alert you when you have become too inactive during the day.

They are connected to Smartphone Apps. They analyse your data over time and present them on nice dashboards. You can even share your dashboards in the data cloud with friends and family.

Back to basics: Simple Fitness Trackers and Pedometers without Bluetooth and Internet Connection

This all comes with a price. High-end Fitness Trackers can cost way more than $100. You also need to be technically savvy to connect them, via bluetooth, to your smartphone and keep them synchronized.

More than ever, people nowadays are concerned with privacy. What happens with their data, where is the personal health data stored and who has access to it?

Especially as cheap activity trackers from unknown brands automatically upload your data via your Smartphone to Chinese servers.

This website is all about Simple Fitness Trackers and Pedometers that only do what we originally wanted them to: count our daily steps – a means to monitor our daily activity.

Some also measure the distance we walk or run during the day and give us an indication of how many calories we burn while being active. Nothing less and nothing more.

The data stays on the little gadget. Most Pedometers store the data just for 7 days on the chip inside the gadget. The data then gets overwritten by new data. No connections to the Smartphone, no connection to the internet. Back to basics.

And the Good News: You can get accurate no frills pedometers and fitness bracelets for under $20.

How to decide which tracker to buy?

When you already made the decision that you want a simple tracker, the next question is: “Where do you want to wear it?”

Simple pedometers nowadays use very powerful 3D Tri Axis sensors. They measure steps accurately regardless of where you wear it. You can put them in your pocket, wear them around your neck, attach them with a clip to your pants or women can even clip them to their bra. It doesn’t really matter. You don’t even have to attach them to your body; you could even put them in your backpack or handbag. As long as you take your bag with you all day, the pedometer will measure your steps accurately.

In order to avoid counting sudden movements as steps, modern pedometers will not count any movement less than 10 consecutive steps. They measure the number of steps very accurately. However, the distance walked or run is only calculated by the individual, regardless of the step length.

A Little feature you might want to consider: Aerobic Mode

Some of the electronic 3D Pedometers can distinguish whether you are running or walking. This is particularly interesting for calculations of your calorie consumption.

Pedometers without Bluetooth

We have put together the best simple pedometers and bracelets for you with high ratings from Amazon customers:

  CS1 Simple Step Tracker3DTriSport Walking 3DGRV Fitness TrackerOZO Fitness SC 3D Walking Pedometer
# daily stepsyesyesyesyes
Aerobic Modenononono
Calories burnednoyesyesyes
Data storageno30 daysno30 days
WornPocket, around neckPocket, Clip and StrapWrist BandsPocket, Clip and Strap
BatteryCR2032CR2032USB ChargeCR2032
Price US
Price UK

Simple Fitness Tracker Bracelets without Smartphone and Bluetooth

If you prefer to wear your simple fitness tracker on your wrist, a Fitness Bracelet might be your option. They come with a silicone band that holds the electronic gadget. You might want to make sure that the Fitness bracelet includes a watch.

If you plan to have your step counter capture all your daily steps, make sure that it is small and comfortable enough to carry it with you. The display should be easy to read, also in the dark. If the step counter has a reset button, it should be configured so that it can not be accidentally pressed. The pedometers mentioned above reset the steps automatically to 0 each day at midnight.

Here is a selection of Fitness Bracelets that received good reviews on Amazon:

 GRV Non Bluetooth Fitness WatchiGank T5 
# daily stepsyesyes
Time and Dateyesyes
Calories burnedyesyes
Sleep monitoryesno
Wristbandmedical TPU materialsilicone
BatteryBattery recharged by USB CabelBattery recharged by USB Cabel
Data StorageReset at the end of each day automaticallyReset at the end of each day automatically