Yamay Wrist Pedometer with Heart Rate Monitor – Review [2019]

I’ve been using the new YAMAY Fitness Bracelet with heart monitor for several weeks now. This simple fitness tracker is set up and controlled via the VeryFit Pro app, similar to other models from China such as the Letsfit bracelet. You can read a full review of the VeryFit app here >>> Letscom pedometer bracelet with pulse measurement.

Yamay Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

For the VeryFit Pro app to work properly, it’s important to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone before you start the app! Otherwise you will experiece problems with the connection.

In the app, the personal settings such as height, weight age and gender are entered and then you’re set for step counting. If you can do without statistics, different sport modes or sleeptracking, you won’t need the app later on. However, for initial set up it’s required.

The new Yamay bracelet is slightly wider than its predecessors, it looks classy due to the subtle metal frame. It now has a color display. Since it also serves as a watch, the time display is the first function that will be displayed. The time is set via the app.

Yamay Pedometer Function

The next function is the number of steps. We checked accuracy by manual counting as well as a control measurement with Realalt’s pretty accurate 3D TriSport. Result: It measures VERY precisely.

Yamay seems to have Improvement to sensor, especially when driving or cycling. While the older devices used to add a few hundred steps on bumpy roads, the new Yamay fitness bracelet is precise. Neither steps were added during a car ride, nor during a bicycle ride over extremely bumpy cobblestones. Perfect.

That is impressive, because that is very different compared to Yamay products of earlier years.

The Yamay Fitness Tracker has an integrated heart rate monitor that records the heart rate via a sensor on the bottom of the device. Even this measurement is pretty accurate. You should wear the bracelet a little tighter when this function is used.

A new feature is the integrated blood pressure monitor, which is supposed to measure without putting pressure on the veins. To be honest, I did not understand this function. I took it took it to my doctor to compare it to the real data. Result: This feature is useless.

It always displays the same value that deviates significantly from my real blood pressure … Or am I doing something wrong? The manual does not give clear instructions, either.

Furthermore, you have the function to use certain sports modes. By default, walking, running and cycling are set. Other sports can be added via the app. The idea is that sports activities are recorded separately and during this time the parameters for e.g. Calorie consumption, steps and distance are calculated separately.

Also in combination with the smartphone you can receive notifications onto your wrist. E.g. you can activate a vibrating alert when receiving text messages or calls on your phone.

The waterproof design according to IP68 standards is suitable for hand washing and swimming in shallow water.

Yamay Fitness Tracker Charging

The tracker unit is charged by removing the strap from the tracker at the position with the “O” and connecting it to the USB port in the charger or computer.

The Yamay Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor is a fancy new gadget that offers features that go beyond simple step counting. It really comes across as a high-quality device and looks fashionable and can be used at any time as a replacement for a watch. The wider display and the metal frame, which are offered in different shades, make it a fashionable accessory.