OZO Fitness Pedometers

OZO Fitness began designing and building pedometers in 2014. At a time when the market was becoming saturated with new connected devices daily, they set out to create a simple to use, stand-alone device that you can rely on for accurate counts.

Since then, the company kept improving the pedometer designs yearly with feedback from their happy customers. Today, OZO Fitness manufactures both multi-function and single function pedometers.

Their flagship single function CS1 pedometer accurately records your steps. With its thin profile it is comfortably carried in a pocket all day. It is perfect for those looking for a non complicated step counter with no set up required.

This makes it an ideal choice for seniors and kids. You can quickly zero out the step count at will, with a single button press.

OZO Fitness Multifunction Pedometers

In addition to step counting, multi-function pedometers also measure Distance, Calories & Activity Time.

The multi-function pedometers the SC 3D and the SC2 Digital pedometers both measure steps, distance, calories burned and have an activity timer.

Each has a built-in memory log; the SC 3D stores 30 days and the SC2 stores 7 days of activity. In addition, the SC 3D captures total accumulated activity, has a removable clip and includes a safety lanyard cord.

If you are worried on how to set up and use these simple electronic trackers, check out the instruction on the videos below:

Instructions OZO SC3D Digital Pedometer

Instructions OZO SC2 Pedometer

All OZO Fitness pedometers share the same 3D Tri-axis sensor delivering accurate counts every time. They function as stand-alone devices and have no need to connect to computers or apps.

All the data is stored on the pedometer itself, maintaining your privacy and eliminating the need to sync with an external device.

Our Verdict: OZO Fitness pedometers are inexpensive, accurate and easy to use!

Comparison of OZO Fitness Tracker Models:

Buy on AmazonOZO Fitness CS1OZO Fitness SC 3DOZO Fitness SC2
Sensor3D Tri-axis
3D Tri-axis

3-D Tri-axis
# daily stepsyesyesyes
Activity Timenoyesyes
Calories burnednoyesyes
Data storageno30 days7 days
WornPocket, bag or around neck
Pocket, clip, bag or around neckPocket, bag or clip
Weight0.84 ounces0.91 ounces0.77 ounces
Dimensions2.6 x 1.6 x 0.5 in2.3 x 1.6 x 0.5 in1.95 x 1.95 x 7/8 in