Is Amazfit GTR 3 worth it? 

On this website we usually only review fitness trackers that do without Bluetooth connection and GPS….But from time to time you might need some level of connectivity.

I like to review my route and physical performance after a hike in the mountains or a run across the local park. That is when a Smartwatch turns out to be very helpful. But I don’t like being tracked all day.

Amazfit GTR 3 Review

The good thing about the Amazfit GTR 3 is, you can easily disconnect it from your smartphone, turn GPS on and off … and you can even turn the smartwatch off completely e.g. at night to save battery.

Is the Amazfit GTR3 worth it? Let’s start….

The Amazfit GTR 3 is a smartwatch with GPS reception that performs amazingly in the price range under USD 150.

We have been using this smartwatch for 6 weeks. First of all, I would like to highlight the battery performance. After 14 days I had connected the watch to the magnetic charging station for the first time and it was still 50% charged. 14 days later the same scenario. That’s impressive.

The watch has so many features that we haven’t tested yet, here’s a summary of the features that are important to us.

The setup

Amazfit GTR 3 charging

For this purpose, Amazfit offers the Zepp app for Android and iOS. The smart watch can be configured via Bluetooth connection.

This includes choosing a watch skin design. There are 5 skins to choose from. All other designs can be purchased via the app for amounts between US$ 0.99 and US$ 2.99. We use a free version, of course 🙂.

To use the app, you must of course accept a Bluetooth connection, and the app also requires location access.

For normal operation, only age, height, gender and weight need to be entered. If you want to use other health functions, you can also enter your chest circumference, hip height and other body measurements.

We limit ourselves to the basic function: daily steps and jogging.

What can the GTR3 do?

The pedometer

This function of the watch counts the steps very accurately every day. It can clearly filter out cycling over cobblestones, abrupt hand movements or driving a car so that only the steps actually taken are recorded.

Jogging & hiking with GPS function

This is the feature that made me buy this smartwatch. The sport modes can be accessed by a short click on the upper right wheel. The workout function can then be called up via the touchscreen where you can select the type of sporting activity.

GPS is automatically activated during outdoor jogging. You should be outside for that. It takes up to 1 minute for the watch to receive the GPS signal.

Then you can start running or hiking and the route is recorded.

Amazfit GTR 3 conncted to Zepp App

The watch displays training parameters such as the distance in miles, the time per mile, the workout time, the average step length, the calories burned, the heart rate and more.

The app also shows other parameters such as altitude and an evaluation of how much time was spent in the aerobic or anaerobic mode.

The running route is shown on a map. As soon as the watch is connected to the smartphone app via Bluetooth, the data is transferred and you can view your performance data on the larger mobile phone screen.

The OLED Screen

The display is easy to read both in bright daylight and at night. The touchscreen reacts precisely. The watch not only offers outstanding technology, it also looks high quality. The silicone bracelet has a good wearing comfort.

By the way, the Amazfit GTR 3 is waterproof and can also be used for swimming.

You can turn off the watch!

For those who do not necessarily want to be tracked all the time and who do not need the sleep function, this watch has a valuable feature: it can be switched off simply by pressing and holding the two wheels.

Of course, this saves battery power at night and reassures anyone who doesn’t want to constantly maintain any Bluetooth connections to their body

Can you make calls with it?

If you want to display notifications on your smartwatch, you can be notified of calls, SMS, Whatsapp messages and emails, for example. You can select the apps that should send notifications to the watch in the settings area. To be honest, this function annoys me because the watch vibrates all the time. All are disabled for me.

We couldn’t find the function that allows you to install a virtual SIM card on the watch in order to actually make calls autonomously from your phone


For just under US$ 150, the Amazfit GTR 3 offers a very good price-performance ratio. It makes an excellent impression both as a sports watch and as a fashion accessory.

For a Smart Watch under 150 US$, definitely worth it!