Cloudpoem – Simple Pedometer Wristband without an App

It’s rare to find a fitness tracker that can double as a wristwatch and doesn’t rely on Bluetooth and a smartphone app. Most fitness watches on the market require an app for initial setup and often need to be reconnected to a smartphone for various tasks, such as switching between summer and winter time.

But the Cloudpoem pedometer watch breaks the mold. This simple yet effective fitness tracker offers complete autonomy, with no need for cloud connectivity. Set your personal data, including height, weight, age, and stride length, via the user-friendly 1.47-inch color touchscreen – no smartphone required!

How to set it up initially

Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or someone who prefers a more straightforward approach, this pedometer watch has got you covered. And with the stylish design and versatile functionality, you’ll be motivated to wear it every day – not just for workouts but as an everyday watch too.

Choose from five different clock faces to personalize your Cloudpoem Fitness Tracker before you start counting steps. This sleek device records your daily steps, calculates the distance you’ve covered, and estimates the calories you’ve burned, all without any data being uploaded to third-party servers in the background.

How accurate is it?

After using the pedometer for four weeks, we can confidently say it’s hardly noticeable on the wrist and very comfortable to wear. The sensor does an excellent job filtering out false steps, such as violent hand movements or bumpy bike rides, resulting in highly accurate step counts. You won’t even get credit for steps while driving – the sensor is that smart.

For more focused activities, such as jogging or hiking, you can manually activate the recording feature to track your progress more precisely. This manual feature is easy to use and lets you record your steps separately, making it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to track multiple activities.

Additional Functions

In addition to accurate step counting, the Huaka Fitness Watch also boasts a stopwatch, timer, and alarm clock, making it a versatile addition to your daily routine.

There is alos the function of sleep tracking,however this needs to be activated and deactivated manually.

The pedometer watch’s long-lasting battery life of more than a week – when screen time is limited to five seconds and brightness is reduced – ensures you won’t need to charge it constantly.

Plus, the included magnetic charging cable can be plugged into any USB charger for convenient charging, taking only around an hour to fully charge.

This simple yet effective pedometer watch is also waterproof according to the IP68 standard, ensuring you can wear it during intense workouts or while swimming without any worries.

And when you don’t need it, simply turn it off – a feature not commonly found in other smartwatches.

The Verdict

The Cloudpoem Fitness Watch is comfortable to wear and doubles as a stylish fashion accessory. Its primary function – accurately counting steps with great precision – makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to disconnect from the internet while still staying on top of their fitness goals.

If you’re looking for a reliable pedometer watch that works independently of a smartphone, the Cloudpoem Fitness Watch is an excellent choice.