Cheap Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor – LETSCOM Activity Tracker

The pedometer bracelet by LETSCOM is not only a functional fitness tracker but also a fashionable watch with a heart rate monitor included. The time can be easily read by turning the wrist back and forth quickly.

The set-up is pretty straight forward via the free VeryFitPro app, which is available for Android and iOS. For this purpose, a Bluetooth connection is established between the smartphone and the activity tracker. You only need to enter age, gender, height and weight in the app in order to set the activity tracker up initially.

Then the device is ready to use and the current time is displayed. Based on this information, the step length and thus the daily distance as well as the calorie consumption are calculated.

The LETSCOM pedometer bracelet can also be used without Bluetooth. Only for the initial set-up the App VeryFitPro is required on your smartphone. Once this is done the fitness bracelet can be used without the app and Bluetooth connection, if you don’t need any further analysis of your performance over time.

The LETSCOM fitness wristband is additionally equipped with a heart rate monitor. It is not 100% accurate but good to go if you just need to monitor your workout performance.

Once in use, you can switch between the following information on the touchscreen:

  • Time and date
  • Number of steps and miles traveled
  • Active minutes and calories burned
  • Current heart rate
  • Event mode.

Yuan Guo Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor in actionBy default, athletic activities such as walking, running and cycling can be recorded separately from daily activities for a sporting activity.

All you have to do is press “Start” at the beginning of the activity and stop once your done.

Other sports such as soccer, running, cycling, hiking, mountaineering, badminton, fitness, dynam. Biking, treadmill, yoga, basketball, tennis, dancing can be added via the App.

All the data on the device is automatically reset to 0 at midnight. If you like to review your performance over time, you need to synchronize your data daily with the VeryFitPro App.

The steps are counted very accurately. The tracker will start counting after only 35 steps to avoid jerky hand movements or shaking while driving. Also cycling over cobblestones does not add any steps. The modern 3-D sensor technology is very accurate.

Once you reach your daily goal, the Fitness Tracker vibrates on your wrist! Done for the day!

The display is very easy to read even in sunlight.

The sleeping behavior is also monitored and displayed over time. I did not test that, because at night all electronics are turned off and banished from my bedroom.

The LETSCOM Fitness Bracelet can be charged at any USB port. You can plug it to charge into an USB port of your laptop or use any mobile phone charger (Android). For this, only the bracelet is removed at the end with the “0”.

The synchronization is automatic. As soon as you have activated Bluetooth on your smartphone, the tracker is recognized and the data is synchronized. It is important to first activate Bluetooth on the smartphone and then open the app. Then it works automatically.

Another useful feature is the remote activation of the smartphone camera. For selfies you can activate the feature in the app. Pressing the touch screen will trigger the camera.

Problem: The photos do not appear in the normal picture gallery but in the folder vifit2.2/DCIM/VeryfitPhoto in the file manager of your phone.


The LETSCOM Fitness Bracelet is a solid pedometer bracelet with precise pedometer, a good to go heart rate monitor and event tracker. It works also as a stylish watch. Very reliable and accurate tracker for a budget!

However, it should be noted, that it is just too wide for narrow female wrists. From our perspective not suitable for women or children!