Best Clip on Pedometer – Realalt 3D TriSport – REVIEW 2021

It’s simple and effective that’s why we chose the Realalt 3D Trisport as our Best Clip on Pedometer.

The 3D TriSport Walking by Realalt is one of the bestsellers among the simple pedometers. It can be worn around the neck, attached to the waistband with a clip or simply tucked into the pocket thanks to 3D TriAxis sensor technology.

The 3D TriSport measures

  • Number of steps,
  • the distance walked (in km or miles) per day,
  • the calories burned and
  • active time.

The device stores the data up to 30 days, so you can track your own progress and fitness goals.

Setting up the device is very simple.

First, enter the date and time and decide whether to use the 12- or 24-hour system as well as km or miles.

Then you enter your personal data:

  • Individual Step length (to calculate the distance)
  • Weight (to calculate the calories burned) and
  • Daily target (e.g., 10,000 steps)

The 3D TriSport works completely autonomously. It does not need to be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The data remains only on the device and will not be transmitted to the internet. Therefore, it is also suitable especially for seniors and children.

Our experience with the 3D TriSport

The device is not completely intuitive. We first had to study the manual to complete the setup. On the back there is a foil in the battery compartment, so that the supplied CR2032 battery does not discharge. For this purpose, a small screwdriver is included, with which the compartment can be opened and closed again.

The stride length must be entered manually. In many other fitness trackers, this is automatically determined by the body size. This is best done by taking 10 steps, measuring the distance and dividing it by 10.

The measurement of the steps is very accurate. However, even this pedometer can not always know exactly whether it is a real step or some other movements. When driving over cobblestones or riding a bike over a bumpy road, a few steps are added. This is normal and distorts the daily target only slightly.

Clip on Pedometer: 3D Trisport

Realalt supplies a sturdy clip and a Neck Lanyard with the pedometer. Above all, the clip is very helpful and allows a safe attachment to the belt or waistband without being noticed during the day.

The large, clear and easy-to-read display shows the time and number of steps clearly legible. However, the display is not illuminated at dark.

You might be confused at the beginning. The total number of steps are not reset to 0 automatically at midnight, as with many other pedometer meters. The total number of steps under the menu item “Total Step” keeps counting until you reset it manually.

However, the steps walked during a day are found under the menu item “steps” and resets automatically.


  • belt clip
  • lanyard
  • CR2032 battery (lasts up to a year)
  • Mini screwdriver for battery replacement
  • User Guide

Best Alternative: 3DFitBud


This clip pedometer does what it is supposed to do for a very reasonable price. It is a very robust and accurately counting clip on pedometer. Recommended for those who do not want to wear an activity tracker on their wrist.